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Local 'Cluster' Groupsperle bleue

The real work of FEI is achieved by local groups, known as 'cluster groups'. FEI encourages and supports the formation of voluntary cluster groups at local and regional levels.

FEI cluster groups informally bring together individuals and organisations who want to educate others about trees and wood, and those directly involved with woodland ownership and management and related timber industries. Involvement is open to all those who wish to further the aims and objectives of FEI. Each FEI cluster group is unique, locally managed, independent and focused on their local needs.

What can Clusters do?

Clusters aim to offer teachers and leaders facilities for developing activity-based programmes based on trees, forests and wood products in their locality.

For example they can:

  • deliver forest education on the ground, by adding value to existing projects and instigating new ones
  • facilitate first hand learning experiences for schools and youth groups at woodland sites and at industrial sites, which use forest products
  • introduce teachers to ways of using FEI materials and local resources eg workshops.
  • provide information and advice
  • network with other cluster groups across Britain
  • exclusively apply for FEI partnership funding (internal funding up to £10,000)
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