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The FEI Partnership Fund

The FEI Partnership Fund is specifically to support the work of FEI clusters. It can provide match funding for specific activities, which enhance the overall objectives of the FEI. These are to help develop among young people a greater understanding of trees, woodlands, forest management, forest products and wood as a sustainable resource.

Only established FEI clusters can apply; that is, those having a written constitution (MS Word 10kB) and a bank account. It is a challenge fund, which means that applicants are competing for a limited amount of money in each financial year. Match funding is essential and preference is given to clusters that seek private-sector support. The maximum amount that can be applied for in a single application is £10,000 and the minimum amount is £500.

Eligible project costs include hire of people, for example, supply teachers, advice, training hire or purchase of materials, machinery or services and paying for printing and publicity for projects. Cluster groups should feel able to explore a wide range of possible projects.

For more in-depth information about the application process please read the Funding Guidance Note (PDF 17kB).

Download the application form (MS Word 10kB) and email it to Pat Scott (

Please contact your national co-ordinator for advice as well as to avoid duplication of project work across Great Britain.

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