Forest Education Initiative [Logo]
Forest Education Initiative [Logo]
Forest Education Initiative [Logo]
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The Forest Education Initiative provides learning resources about trees, forests and forest products
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What is the Forest Education Initiative?

Forest Education Initiative (FEI) aims to increase the understanding and appreciation, particularly among young people, of the environmental, social, and economic potential of trees, woodlands and forests and of the link between the tree and everyday wood products.

Forest Schools - watch them grow!

The idea behind Forest Schools is to use a woodland setting to build personal and social skills and develop an understanding about how woodlands work. The unique aspect about forest school is participants attend once a week throughout the year.
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FREE Learning Resources

If you are a teacher or deliver environmental education in any way you will find our FREE learning resources of great value.

You can choose resources based on the age group of the children you are teaching and the curriculum subjects you want to cover.

The resources consist of downloadable Adobe Acrobat PDF files containing activities, factsheets and other resources that can be used in the classroom or wherever woodland learning takes place.

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Cluster Group Funding

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